Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Wanted to See Sheneneh Box

From YouTube
Before the show Martin ended, I wanted to see Sheneneh in a boxing match. She was always breaking bad with Gina and Pam. Seeing Hit Man Tommy Hearns on Martin, I want to see Sheneneh in a boxing match against Laila Ali. I always pictured the scene taking place in a gym. Gina, Pam, Sheneneh, and Laila would be there to work out. Gina and Pam would probably get into arguments with Sheneneh as usual. I picture Sheneneh in Laila's way as she tries to head for the locker room. Laila would walk by and brush Sheneneh's shoulder with her gym bag without even noticing. That would make Sheneneh get into an argument with Laila because Laila would refuse to say excuse me. Laila would refuse because of Sheneneh's bad attitude. Then Sheneneh would challenge Laila to fight in the ring. Read More...

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