Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Lack of Sponsorship for Women’s Boxing

It is said due to lack of marketing, sponsorship, and promoters willing to put women on their cards, women's boxing is not as well known as men's boxing. Seems to me, something ought to be done about that. If somebody can get to the root of the problem instead of working around the problem, things can speed up a little faster.

Getting off of the subject a little, it’s funny how Women’s Basketball is so well known. It began in 1892 according to history. Also according to history, there is women’s division of professional wrestling. In 1937, Mildred Burke won the original World Women's title. It’s funny how we see women wrestlers on TV.

Getting back to Women’s Boxing, Women's Boxing first appeared in the Olympic Games at a demonstration about in 1904. It was banned in most nations. Women can do a lot of things and very athletic. They have God given talent too. God doesn’t have a problem with them using it. He used Joan of Arc for war didn’t he? Women can get hurt in any sport. People know this by now. So when I look at Women’s boxing, I understand why pop singer Michael Jackson always asked the question, “What’s the problem?”

Men's Back up in Women’s Boxing

In Women’s Boxing, women do have men trainers training them very well. Laila Ali’s trainer, “Captain" Cassius Green, is now training her and a very good trainer. Ann Wolfe’s trainer, Pops Billingsley, trains very well. He trains Ann Wolfe to fight like the men. So women do have some support from men thanks to God. Trainer, John Hazard, has trained women for ten years on four levels: local, state, national, and international. It is said that he also own and run The Ring Boxing Club in Boston where 40% of 400 members are women. According to womens, he said, “They listen and work harder than anybody.”

To me, there is some depth in Women’s Boxing. There are just some people that don’t want to give the sport a chance because it‘s women fighting. Move out the way whoever you are. You’re an obstacle to many womens boxing fans including men fans of the sport. We are enjoying the sport. If everybody that loved the sport stood up against you, we could be like stampede.


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