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Ann Wolfe could be Laila Ali's opponent in boxing. It is said that Ann Wolfe has retired. I say I'll be doggone.We don't know if Laila will ever box again. She has settled down with a family now, and Ann Wolfe has a family to think about too. I say I'll be double doggone.

I'm just glad that Ann Wolf is known and has made a name for herself. There is one good thing that I can say. Ann did not have to get through Laila Ali to be known. That means that Ann Wolfe has got to be worth challenging and worth fighting. I think that Laila Ali should give that sister a chance to fight her, and I say Ann Wolfe should take that challenge without complications and dispute.

I think all of the women that won't box eachother must let go of their pride and just box. If they have pride, they should take it to the ring. If they are stubborn, they should take it to the ring. That's the only way great fights are going to happen. That's the only way women's boxing will be women's boxing. Women's boxing can't be women's boxing if women don't fight and make it happen. So far, great and strong women in boxing are not fighting eachother, and I say I'll be tripple doggone.

In addition, I just want to say one more thing. If Ann Wolfe and Laila Ali don't like what I have said, then I'll just have to get my whippin by both of them. I say I'll be quadruple doggone. 2/23/10


Making It Happen

There was a girl that wanted to box Laila Ali, but she couldn’t because she had problems with a contract. Before Laila left the ring, I saw the frustrations on both sides. You know, I can not spell or pronounce that girl’s name that wanted to fight Laila, but if it had been me instead of her with my temper, I would have thrown that contract in the dumpster. It was getting her nowhere, and Laila wasn't trying to listen to her. 2nd, I would have walked right across the floor to get Laila, and I believe I would have hit her to make that fight happen, although I would have got my head torn off. If I were the fighter against Laila, I would have given Laila what she wanted. She would have enjoyed me. I probably would have been ready to box the management teams too. Sometimes you have to cut up to make things happen.

If I had to be in the ring with Laila, and if the referee stopped the fight too soon, I would be ready to get him too. I know I would. They would have to send me to anger management. Notice I used the word “if” the whole time. I’m not saying I want to box Laila. Just wanted to point that out.

It's funny, but I can hear Laila in my conscious saying: That's a great big "IF". 5/6/2009

Laila Ali Post-Fight Comments
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Leatitia Robinson

I often wonder what happened after seeing Leatitia Robinson ready to fight Laila Ali. I think what happened was Laila offered Leatitia a fight. If I'm not mistaken, the fight was offered way back somewhere around 2003 or 2004. The pictures were in the news, and I remember seeing a video of Leatitia getting excited in the room with Laila. I remember thinking, "Hey, Leatitia is real crazy. That is motivation for Laila." After that, I never saw or heard anything else about Leatitia or Laila fighting. I think Leatitia turned the fight down, and I bet is was because of money. If that was the reason, that is a reason that makes women's boxing so sad. If Leatitia had went on to fight Laila Ali, big money would have flowed her way eventually in the long run. If I thought that I could beat Laila Ali, I would have taken that offer if I were Leatitia.

Cecilia Breaekhus looks like a great boxer in women's boxing. Her division is Welterweight. It is said that the Welterweight division is mixed martial arts and can refer to a number of different weight classes. As I was browsing the internet, I found this girl. Cecilia can really throw some punches. She can throw 50 million all at one time. Cecilia reminds me of Laila. I would love to see her fight Laila or Ann. In other words, I would love to see her fight the best and hear her name more. Women's boxing needs more competition and more tough fighters to fight eachother. Something's not right.

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Lucia Rijker

I never knew Lucia Rijker, and I have never seen her box before. I remember seeing her on television when Laila was fighting against Cassandra Gieger if I'm not mistaken. That was the fight when Laila Ali had a cold and still won. Lucia Rijker made a statement that Laila should have nocked Gieger out a long time ago and that Laila couldn't fight backing up. I'm surprised that Laila didn't challenge Lucia for making those statements. It was written by Thomas Haseur in New York-The Sun that as for future challenges, Lucia Rijker (17-0, 14 KOs), who played in "Million Dollar Baby," is generally regarded as the best woman boxer in the world pound-for-pound. But Rijker fights at 135 pounds, 30 less than Laila. He said, "Forget that matchup."


Natalia Ragozina thinks she's much stronger than Laila Ali. She's the undisputed women's boxing champion. Natalia said that she was no longer interested in boxing Laila Ali. Yet, she is ready and willing to fight her.

It's good that Laila has taken her break so that she can sit back and watch all of the girls that want to fight her rise. If she comes back, I'm pretty sure that she will nock them all down like dominoes. Laila Ali has made room for the other girls to do their thing. She's showing them that women's boxing can go on without her. I think that Laila made a start and gave women's boxing a big push. I'm glad that Natalia is carrying on for the sake of women's boxing, but I do not believe that she can beat Laila Ali.


“I was on good terms with Laila Ali and hung out with her in Miami after my fight with Van Buskirk because I was friends with Johnny, her later first ...

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